Rooted is a 9 week course, experienced in small group format, that "teaches people what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, built on faith’s foundational elements such as worship, generosity, service, evangelism, prayer and studying God’s word...Through Rooted you’ll begin to see God in new ways and begin to redefine his plan for your life. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or new to faith in Christ, Rooted has the potential to have a bigger impact on your spiritual growth than anything else you do this year."

For more information you can visit the Rooted Website or contact Shannon McLeod at

Groups meet: 

for 9 weeks

tuesday nights


@ Living Word

Childcare & dinner is provided

Rooted is meant to be experienced as a 9 week course form start to finish, which means it's best if you join it at the beginning.  Unfortunately we are currently in the middle of the course and it will run until November.  

Please SIGN UP HERE for our next round of Rooted groups which will launch at the start of 2018.  

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